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    Get access to the resources and tools you need to build your career as a home-based-professional.

    Discover online jobs in admin, customer service, marketing or editorial.

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    Work from home with a woman entrepreneur who values your expertise and passion.

    Our meaningful matching helps you achieve long-term career success.

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    Embark on a long-term, fulfilling career as a dedicated home-based professional.

    Earn a stable income, while staying close to your loved ones.

  • Testimonials

    Here's why home-based professionals love working with Connected Women

    Amber, Davao

    "Technically I work "for" Gina, but the way she asks for your professional opinion and values what you have to say makes it feel like you're on the same team as her. She strives to help you envision your role as a career, not just 'another job'."​


    Maria, Dumaguete

    "Connected Women may sound similar to other online job platforms but this one is exceptional. Not only does it offer jobs to women but it precisely screens and matches talented women virtual assistants with women entrepreneurs."

    Moren, Porac

    "I love working from home as I can be with my baby anytime she needs me and spend more time with her. I can save money, (for food and transport) and travel time. My employer has helped me grow as an individual and guides me along the way."

    Alexa Marra, Bulacan

    "Avoid stress: traffic, bad weather, long commute, long lines and thinking of what to wear! I have more time with family. My employer believes that every one of us has potential to grow and doesn't treat us like employees but team mates.​"​

    Joyce, Pasig

    "I've been exposed to the other side of the world where there are amazing people who aren't bound by traditional employment.​ I'm learning entrepreneurship by working with and learning from entrepreneurs. And I can work from anywhere!"

    Shane, Davao

    "I highly recommend that you join Connected Women and seek their assistance when applying for an online job. Their process is really very effective, and they did a great job finding me a client I really can relate and work closely with. "

    Ann Camille, Bulacan

    "I was scheduled for an interview that morning, and VIOLA! I'M HIRED! Me and my client are a perfect match and we look forward to a long-lasting work relationship. Thanks to Connected Women who helped me! Kudos!"

    Marg, Davao

    "Ms. Gina makes sure your role fits your skill set and at the same time helps you on things you need to improve on to work more efficiently.
    She never fails to continue motivating you, and is always pushing to balance work and life.​"​

    Michelle, Marikina

    "I am very thankful to have become part of this community, because here, the online worker is respected. She is given amazing opportunities, encouraged to build her career and chase her dreams, given security and financial stability, treated as an integral part of the company."​

    Germina, Cavite

    "My boss is really the best. She's someone that I respect. I learned a lot from her both in career and in life. She does not want me to only grow my career but she also wants me to grow as a person.​ Connected Women not only provide you a job but they also help you achieve your goals."​

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